EBC*L Certificate

EBC*L Certificate Level A 101

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General Knowledge

At the first stage of EBC*L, graduates will acquire the economic targets of a company and understand the language used during business conversations and meetings. Therefore, the graduates become a competent contact person who has the necessary basis for entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Level A contains essential fundamentals of practice-oriented and privately and professionally realizable business competencies thus becoming a qualified person in production, sales, and administration.



  • Business Objectives and Management Ratios
  • Accounting
  • Costing and Pricing
  • Business Law



To obtain the EBC*L certificate Level A, the candidate has to take a handwritten, two- hour examination at an accredited EBC*L exam center. The basis of the Level A exam with regard to the contents is the EBC*L Learning Target Catalogue Level A. To pass the examination, at least 75 % of 100 points must be obtained. The EBC*L Level A examination consist of

  • 16 knowledge questions
  • 4 comprehension questions
  • 1 case study

The exam questions are open questions (no multiple-choice test). Hence, the candidates show their ability to freely express their economically well-founded answers.


  • Skill levelBeginner
  • VenueElaph Training premises, Nasr City.