Science Translation 101 101


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Workshop Description

It is a module of scientific and technical training program and is an introduction to fundamentals of matter and elements, change of state, kinetics and quantum physics, sound, light and acoustics, basics of electronics and electricity, telecommunications, computers, and networks.


Goal of scientific and technical training program

The program comprises three levels of training modules and workshops aiming to prepare specialized translators in technical translation domain.


Workshop Objectives

  • Introducing participants to the basics of modern science through six sub-workshops.
  • Introducing participants to the international system of units.
  • Empowering participants to acquire the skill of searching the terminology online.
  • Enabling participants to coin the technical terms in Arabic and prepare their own glossaries.


Who may attend

Translators and graduates of other domains seeking to:

  • Augment their technical translation skills.
  • Develop their translation skills.
  • Specialize or pursue a career in technical translation.



  • Good command of English and Arabic.
  • For technical translator or pass scientific english test.


Related courses and workshops

  • Holistic scientific and technical translation training program for preparation of professional translators in the field.
  • All scientific, technical, and legal joint workshops.
  • All workshops’ and training programs’ details are available on the website. 


Delivery mode

  • Instructor led training (ILT) plus interactive exercises.


Teaching aids

  • PC and display monitor.


  • Days3 Day(s)
  • Skill levelBeginner
  • VenueElaph Training premises, Nasr City.